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How to write best explainer video script | Best 5 tips

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

How to write best explainer video script :

As you may already know, animated lecture videos are not just made with cute characters. Professional interpreter video production has a long process of doing nothing but working hard on a hard story before it comes to life.

But what’s the secret to writing a solid and compelling interactive video script? Today, you will find 5 amazing tips that can help you make a great one or review what you have already written.

1. Classic script creation :

While every famous script in Bollywood follows the same basic structure, why can't your video follow that too? Following this structure makes your video script believe that your audience will find it as attractive as Bollywood and Hollywood.

This classic composition is based on 3 actions :

"What" - The very first thing your script should explain is “what” the problem of your target audience.

"How" - Once you've resolved the issue, you need to explain how your product or service "solves" that issue.

"Why" - Once you've resolved the issue, you need to explain how your product or service "solves" that issue. Well, now your audience knows how to solve their problem;

But of course, many other companies with similar products and services are also able to solve this. You just have to discriminate more with what you present towards other people. This is the most "celestial" part of the video because you can see the features, benefits,

2. Make it Short :

Less likely people are seeing it all. Fact Theory: 85% of people watch a full 30-second video, but only 50% of the video is fully watched, up to 2 minutes. This is still not a very good number. Now, if any marketing video lasts longer than 2 minutes, the number of viewers will be faster!

So, what’s here for your explanatory video script? Simple: Try to be concise! script is the default thing for the length of your marketing video, but how do you know how long your video has to stay on your script?

Easy Pace: 160 scripted word videos in English equals almost a minute. In our video, we assume that the magic number is 240 words: this is 90 video seconds; Need your time You can't stop at anything about your product or service. continue below.

3. Go straight to the point :

You already learned that an animated marketing video needs to be short to deliver your business idea quickly and directly so that your audience will be clear from the boring world.

4. Focus to your audience :

The most important thing to remember with your animated marketing video is to always have your audience and how you can help them solve their problems.

Don’t try to sell anything to your audience, but instead understand that you can really help them instead. Only then will they truly trust your brand and decide to buy your product or service.

5. Take clear call-to-action :

Lastly, don’t forget to explain what your script is - what your audience wants you to do after watching your video: from downloading ebooks or sharing free demos on social media, your call-to-actually action should be clear and direct.

Disclaimer - I write this post but first learn how to write the script then I write this article. So You will get help from this.

Thank You,

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